The Dead, The Diabolical, and The Desperate

Session 9: Darker than dark and Eatting green skins or being eaten by Pale skins

The party flee into the Stone Thief only to be confronted by the shadowy knights as they surround the group. Dispatching them the group find Druscella walking around and checking out the area away from the danger and scares off most of the goblins. Mara befriends one of the goblins which turns out to be the leader and the party gets a rundown of parts of the dungeon in general. They let her go and find themselves dealing with a Hobgoblin and his bodyguards, the group dispatch them and scout the next area after finding out the room they had first entered with pipes lead also to ‘the Sea’. They found out in the next room it was filled with the undead. Having dispatched them they find themselves freeing a man and the cleric knocks him out. The party licks their wounds and heal up for a bit haven almost died again.


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