The Dead, The Diabolical, and The Desperate

Session 11: Drowning Hydras and between a Dwarven God and a Hard Choice

The party go from in the drink to needing one when faced with a Dwarven God

The party find themselves fighting something in the water that turns out to be a hydra, Titanicus is eventually defeated but the party is in a rough way. Eroh pulls out the Hydra’s heart to give to the ‘diviner’ of the group since he figured it’s hard to regenerate without a heart. The party find themselves trying to traverse a long stone tube going up only to be continuously attacked by large undead spiders. After getting to the top of the tube the group find a large magical crystal that they take. When faced with a choice in the next room with death safe passage as possible choices out of the room the party opt to try and pick the path of the brewer to get through. The room shakes and the door they come in from vanishes. With the party watching the God of Brewing’s statue animate and look towards them Eroh yells out that they’re moving, meaning the dungeon was on the move, in the chaos few probably heard him since they were more worried about the fifteen foot tall statue moving towards them. Fiden yelled for Iskander to offer a toast to the God.


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