The Dead, The Diabolical, and The Desperate

Session 10: Vampire guides, Sleeping dwarves, and fetid waters

The captive explains himself being a vampire so the group goes about proving it to be sure. Walking around the group find an estate in the middle of a Cavern area in the Stone Thief. The party wake and meet Burninin, a dwarf noble that was suppose to be going into battle with demons and some stone elemental devouring monster they had heard rumor of. Burninin had a lot to take in since he was from the 2nd Age, but there were pretty women in the group some of who were an elf so it wasn’t as bad. With knowledge of what’s in the area they go to the otherside of the maw where everything comes in at a bridge. Eroh opts to try and animate the skull of the dragon he was suppose to protect in Harrowdale that was swallowed by the stone thief.

Unfortunately something else happens and he manages to summon a Moon Dragon which no one has seen since the second age.

Escaping the dragon the group find themselves looking at a magical door that has a riddle, unfortunately the group opt to get away from the dragon quickly and try and force their way through and meet stone imps. Having dispatched them and gotten through right before the dragon shows up the party move father down only to set off a trap. The party for the most part go sliding down the stairs as the turn into a slide.

The party eventually together at the bottom see things moving in the darkness.


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