The Dead, The Diabolical, and The Desperate

Session 01: Battle for Harrowdale
The party track down Jallah and things spiral further out of control

Hunting down the Night Candle with a few people being able to see it while others can’t lead the group to a butcher and tanning shop. With empty streets Drusilla lets herself in by picking the lock, the owner comes down to see what we’re doing and the group start to interrogate the man. After convincing him they were stop Jallah the butcher scared for his family have the group face to face with a man named Alik that blocks the door. After some banter he walks away from blocking their entry as a rumble through the ground and the sound of war drums draws a snare across his lips as he laughs walking away.

Inside the party finds shadows moving oddly before attacking, most of the team rush the room down the stairs to get to what they find to be a well, a cut up boy, and who they figure to be Jallah.

Incremental Advance Given

Session 00: Nightraid - Trolls, Fire Starters, and Traitors
Reports of Trolls Raiding has escalated to an impending Siege

After some character creation/world building.

Eroh finds himself sent to the lands of Elkokar Kholin (Deceased), the deceased Golden Hammer a Paladin of High Stature to protect the Skull of Sidbaras. He’s meet with actual high welcome surprising to him considering the normal reception of contempt and disgust he gets from most. Assisting in the next month with the offspring of his former associate, Dalarin and Navani they beat back Troll raiding parties each one being disturbingly more concise and tactical growing in cunning, brutality, and numbers as time goes on.

The Cleric of the Priestess, Navani, sends couriers for Imperial aid why he and he brother strategize how to save the people of their homelands. Dark Elf Emissaries come in the evening to assess their kinsfolk’s well being in the area and to study the odd tactical nature of the trolls on a fact finding mission to find the source of their new found intelligent battle movements and stratagem.

After a bit of argument over trusting outsiders who might be saboteurs the discussion is cut short by a night raid from the trolls reveals fabled Ubertroll that can be transformed through dark means and dwarf their brethren. As the end of a wall into town is partially broken, The Paladin sends the runner to get the men up on the mountain to start the landslide he had them set up in case their was a raid. The Dark Elf duo follow the locals leaders of the militia and Ranger to deal with the assault. The Ranger hears the Clerics words of warning and lore before translates it to deeming them “BFTs” the party battle with the assault stemming the tide of onslaught with one of the Ubertrolls that had grown wings flying away in terror from one of the Dark Elves magic. The other was wedged under the stone in the collapse as men refortified the wall’s now weak point.

The party had little time to catch their breath as during the rock slide several small creatures had darted past them in the fight to set the city ablaze. They found thanks to the necromancer the final goblin arsonist as men were called to put out fires, the Ranger mostly worried about the Skull, less so the people. With an integration of the last goblin they learn of a woman named Jallah that was being told to light the Night Candle and her payment of magic would be given. With the Paladin killing the survivor making good on the promise of not sending him back and setting him ‘free’. The group wonder how they’ll see the “Night Candle” without being attuned to the magic. The paladin offered up they could eat the Goblin’s heart to imbue themselves with the attunement he probably had as he ripped it from the body. His sister protested too late as he bite in and chewed with necessity. The Ranger shrugged taking the offered heart and bit into the organ as well as he lifted his mask slightly, tossing some to his spider who chittered a bit in disgust at not getting a better treat.

(Due to it being a partial session and time we broke here; names, places, and other details will be linked once listening to the recording.)


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