The Dead, The Diabolical, and The Desperate

Session 08: Ceiling Clingers and Sea Good Summonings

The party escape doing battle with monolith metal gear golems and try to stop the lighthouse from going full on melting light. Unfortunately they end up breaking the controls causing the light to intensify and crack the aperture it is coming through, the party look for another area where they can try and turn down the light and fall victim to a creature wanting to feed on the group. They find out the creature had friends on the roof as the group run for cover. Eroh lets out an odd sound calling a kraken in to help eat up some of the creatures. Meanwhile Druscella opts to stop a ritual and try and steal a gemmed trident which ends with her calling out for help as the believers transform into something not quite human.

The party deals with both threats only to have the ground break and split under them. They find a door into what they think is the Stone Thief. Oddly enough a living gargoyle has the key, won’t give it too them, won’t unlock the door, and the party finds out quickly. But when the Gargoyle tries to attack the party the key flies from his personage bounces off the ground and into the lock with a click the party look at the Gargoyle and bolt for the open door, black shadows form in armor and give chase.


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