The Dead, The Diabolical, and The Desperate

Session 06: Guilding Light or Deadly Focused Peril

The group gain a few members and seem to get into the usually trouble

Drusilla and company over breakfast got a order turned request to investigate the magic being syphoned into the Great Lighthouse that keeps the Lich King at bay and in his island prison. They are joined by the Messenger a member of the Emperor’s Imperial army and Mara since Drusilla thinks every great woman needs a theme song. The party is meet with a guard of sorts that almost kills their new cleric and later Isklander is almost beheaded when they find she’s slaughtered all those present guarding the place when he enrages.

They exterminate an infestation which seems to get increasingly odd but the party manages to fell all their enemies. Fieden finally able to open a ward over a secret door have the team walking around the inner workings of the Great Lighthouse’s magical powersource that they’ve found incinerates things including boiling the water after a while that they notice the lighthouse had shined on when they first arrived.

To make matters worth they group stumble on and activate the Doomday Golems, mechanical gladiators that fight to the death and when the final bout happens and there’s a sole survivor the coming of the end of the Age will happen.

Eroh in an odd turn of events takes the metallic egg from Drusilla when the Golems are almost upon them and hatches it… The group realized he’s just hatched a metallic dragon egg to further complicate things.


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