The Dead, The Diabolical, and The Desperate

Session 11: Drowning Hydras and between a Dwarven God and a Hard Choice
The party go from in the drink to needing one when faced with a Dwarven God

The party find themselves fighting something in the water that turns out to be a hydra, Titanicus is eventually defeated but the party is in a rough way. Eroh pulls out the Hydra’s heart to give to the ‘diviner’ of the group since he figured it’s hard to regenerate without a heart. The party find themselves trying to traverse a long stone tube going up only to be continuously attacked by large undead spiders. After getting to the top of the tube the group find a large magical crystal that they take. When faced with a choice in the next room with death safe passage as possible choices out of the room the party opt to try and pick the path of the brewer to get through. The room shakes and the door they come in from vanishes. With the party watching the God of Brewing’s statue animate and look towards them Eroh yells out that they’re moving, meaning the dungeon was on the move, in the chaos few probably heard him since they were more worried about the fifteen foot tall statue moving towards them. Fiden yelled for Iskander to offer a toast to the God.

Session 10: Vampire guides, Sleeping dwarves, and fetid waters

The captive explains himself being a vampire so the group goes about proving it to be sure. Walking around the group find an estate in the middle of a Cavern area in the Stone Thief. The party wake and meet Burninin, a dwarf noble that was suppose to be going into battle with demons and some stone elemental devouring monster they had heard rumor of. Burninin had a lot to take in since he was from the 2nd Age, but there were pretty women in the group some of who were an elf so it wasn’t as bad. With knowledge of what’s in the area they go to the otherside of the maw where everything comes in at a bridge. Eroh opts to try and animate the skull of the dragon he was suppose to protect in Harrowdale that was swallowed by the stone thief.

Unfortunately something else happens and he manages to summon a Moon Dragon which no one has seen since the second age.

Escaping the dragon the group find themselves looking at a magical door that has a riddle, unfortunately the group opt to get away from the dragon quickly and try and force their way through and meet stone imps. Having dispatched them and gotten through right before the dragon shows up the party move father down only to set off a trap. The party for the most part go sliding down the stairs as the turn into a slide.

The party eventually together at the bottom see things moving in the darkness.

Session 9: Darker than dark and Eatting green skins or being eaten by Pale skins

The party flee into the Stone Thief only to be confronted by the shadowy knights as they surround the group. Dispatching them the group find Druscella walking around and checking out the area away from the danger and scares off most of the goblins. Mara befriends one of the goblins which turns out to be the leader and the party gets a rundown of parts of the dungeon in general. They let her go and find themselves dealing with a Hobgoblin and his bodyguards, the group dispatch them and scout the next area after finding out the room they had first entered with pipes lead also to ‘the Sea’. They found out in the next room it was filled with the undead. Having dispatched them they find themselves freeing a man and the cleric knocks him out. The party licks their wounds and heal up for a bit haven almost died again.

Session 08: Ceiling Clingers and Sea Good Summonings

The party escape doing battle with monolith metal gear golems and try to stop the lighthouse from going full on melting light. Unfortunately they end up breaking the controls causing the light to intensify and crack the aperture it is coming through, the party look for another area where they can try and turn down the light and fall victim to a creature wanting to feed on the group. They find out the creature had friends on the roof as the group run for cover. Eroh lets out an odd sound calling a kraken in to help eat up some of the creatures. Meanwhile Druscella opts to stop a ritual and try and steal a gemmed trident which ends with her calling out for help as the believers transform into something not quite human.

The party deals with both threats only to have the ground break and split under them. They find a door into what they think is the Stone Thief. Oddly enough a living gargoyle has the key, won’t give it too them, won’t unlock the door, and the party finds out quickly. But when the Gargoyle tries to attack the party the key flies from his personage bounces off the ground and into the lock with a click the party look at the Gargoyle and bolt for the open door, black shadows form in armor and give chase.

Session 07: The Lights Go Out and the Mouth of a God
The restoration of the Lighthouse does not go as planned and the party find themselves in the Stone Theif ahead of schedule.

The party find themselves trapped in a room with the aperture for the lighthouse’s magical light. On one side a large golem that opts to turn the volume up on the burning magical light on the other three large constructs that will battle until the last one is standing marking the end of the 13th Age and the coming of the next age. The party isn’t sure if this is a good or bad thing but since neither is attacking the party they opt to try and just stay out of combat while Fiden opts to try and control the golem since they’d prefer to not have the tinglinging magical light kill them.

Session 06: Guilding Light or Deadly Focused Peril
The group gain a few members and seem to get into the usually trouble

Drusilla and company over breakfast got a order turned request to investigate the magic being syphoned into the Great Lighthouse that keeps the Lich King at bay and in his island prison. They are joined by the Messenger a member of the Emperor’s Imperial army and Mara since Drusilla thinks every great woman needs a theme song. The party is meet with a guard of sorts that almost kills their new cleric and later Isklander is almost beheaded when they find she’s slaughtered all those present guarding the place when he enrages.

They exterminate an infestation which seems to get increasingly odd but the party manages to fell all their enemies. Fieden finally able to open a ward over a secret door have the team walking around the inner workings of the Great Lighthouse’s magical powersource that they’ve found incinerates things including boiling the water after a while that they notice the lighthouse had shined on when they first arrived.

To make matters worth they group stumble on and activate the Doomday Golems, mechanical gladiators that fight to the death and when the final bout happens and there’s a sole survivor the coming of the end of the Age will happen.

Eroh in an odd turn of events takes the metallic egg from Drusilla when the Golems are almost upon them and hatches it… The group realized he’s just hatched a metallic dragon egg to further complicate things.

Session 5: Dinner with a Demon and Dream you can Die from

The team get’s invited to a party to discuss matters involving the Stone Thief with Indigo in tow so he won’t skip town the party finds themselves eating dinner only to black and relive events in a time from long ago… in a different Age.

They learn a bit and seem to blackout several times as they put forward through the time of dream ages past. Almost dead the party wake up in their rooms at the inn and alive but with a splitting headache.

Session 04: Indigo Sharp A Head of the Game

The team finds Indigo who’s hiding out in a mechanical head which no one expects. With the promise of a body he’s agreed to help. The team also meet a Teifling Barbarian who joins the team.

Session 03: In Search of Indigo Sharpe

Need to listen to the recording.

Final session of the year
Incremental Advance given out.

Session 02: The Aftermath, The 8th Legion, and Axis.

With the Bronze Dragon Faleryx having dropped the party off and a slender small silver dragon sent with word to the capital Axis, the party tell their story first hand to the Legion’s Leader, Senator Palix Atius. The tale of the Uber trolls with thickened hides and winged mutations plus having multiple arms like the leader Marrowbreath. The story of Jallah & Alik and how they held Dovern Shutstör or Shoot under duress, having ownership in one of the quarries, a pillar of the community, word of his survival or that of his family that was being held hostage was unknown.

Having recounted the story via Drusilla he has Sergeant at Arms Peepa find accommindations for the party. When several men were moved from the tents for the party they were also ordered to find what they needed. After acknowledging the orders the four men moved away until Drusilla put her arm around one of the corporals, dubbing him Corporal Punishment she reminded him someone of her stature would need a bath before meeting with the Senator the following day. This didn’t go over well and he stated as a forward operating Legion out in the field certain amenities were not readily available. Navani Kholin stressed her concerns that someone of her stature could not believe one would state a legion’s temporary base of this size and magnitude had nothing in the way of logistics to provide the noble woman a warm bath. Drusilla reminded the corporal it was a noble woman who’s family has known the House of Atius for several generations… She also said her displeasures would be that of the Senator once she mentioned such things. Also he wouldn’t want to see her when she was displeased.

Originally what would have been dismissal of a bossy woman now had the man visibly shaking with the implications of what failure would mean. He and three others excused themselves running off to find accomindations from around the camp or at least try.

Fieden meanwhile via request from the Senator talked to the mages of the legion and had a discussion with the 1st Imperial Mage of the Legion, Berito the Wise. As a mage specializing in spells of destruction and fiery death he listened at first to the story causually before sending for a stool and a scribe as he listened ernestly to the troubling and disturbing revelation of what had happened in Harrowdale. Berito offered up a book that could help in research of the Devourer, the discussion drifted to Fieden’s area of study, realization of how the Empire looks at his school he offered up Divination as his area of study as well as a colleague by the name of Falimin from the Spider Wood. It was interesting to find out one that was a ‘drow’ diviner. Fieden bit his tongue as a silverfolk since it was considered a deragatory term for his lineage, he thanked him for the book and promised to return in when he was done and possibly discuss things when Berito was more ‘hospitable’. Taking his items that had been taken from him when he entered the area he left to get food and pour over the tome.

Eroh checked the perimeter and send his spider out to send word of the Devourer and the constant mention of this being ‘the natural order of things’. While he figured the Dire Woods would be the likely choice the spider reminded him they were closer to the Wild Wood meaning a shorter trip. Going off the arachnid’s suggestion since it seemed sound Eroh asked him to send a replacement if things would take too long.

Nivani spent her free time helping the injured that seemed unsure about the new threat. They could fight a giant or trolls, but the land itself attacking them was a new area to figure out. They feared fighting such an unorthodox enemy and hoped for their return to the crossroads at St Marice. Dalarin dealt with the loss in his own way, practicing with the legion soldiers, their numbers in formation versus him along trying to peace together better tactics for during a seige having lost much in the way of Harrowdale’s fall.

Druscilla sneaking out from her bathtime once a jury rigged tub was brought plus hot water she found the army was well disciplined even though they weren’t waiting for an attack the perimeter was vigilant but did not notice her moving about their ranks in a borrowed cloak and halberd. The officer’s mess tent had her eavesdropping, they were worried how quickly Palix had sent word to the Senate of the fall, if they would move south to fight more trolls or if they’d be returning north to the Crossroads. It was up to the Senator and it could go either way.

With the party reconvenning the next morning at breakfast among themselves they each let it be known what they had found. Fieden had found the dwarves mentioned the Devourer having been something bursting out of the underdark, Kanazi Kaa Doo or Doom, it supposedly had a rather lengthy entry in the Dwarven Great Book of Grudges. Fieden had found tales of something called the Heart of the Dungeon that was vital to the living Dungeon and it’s existence, if it was figuratively a heart or literally was unknown since he was conjecturing from tales and doing a lot of speculation from his first hand knowledge.

That day the party meet with the Senator to find out what news he had of his scouts, having not heard anything back yet they stated they’d like to resupply and head back to the Dungeons. He stated their presense had been requested at the capital, Axis. Since the journey would be long and dangerous they figured finding supplied for the journey was needed. He declined them the ability and stated they along with himself would be teleported there that afternoon. The party ’Ooh’d’ and nodded. Duscilla asked if the corporal, Granger being his actual name, would be coming as well to assist her. The sudden jerk of the man and the sudden look to the Sergeant of pleading didn’t do much as the color drained from his face when the Senator said he didn’t see a problem with that.

Moving through the party was greated by Senator Garak a half orc that Drucsilla actually was familiar with and Senator Sila Lasa who knew the Kholins. With a few days before the meeting with the Senate the party had time to themselves.

The Silverfolk siblings took to find out appropriation channels for healing draugts, potions, oils, and runes if the party needed such things for the battles to come. Nivani found out the priests of the capital had not lost their faith but the divine spark to heal and to before divine magic or rituals had been severed. While she herself could do something it was unsettling to think of the question of the temples, had the gods abandoned them?

Eroh went to a watch tower to find out if he could take a look around, if it was illegal or he wasn’t allowed he’d figure out something else he stated, a man on duty named Goran took a bribe of a copper to let him look out over the metropolis that made the Ranger a bit queasy due to the visual realization of the urbanic sprawl of the capital. All carved stone and the areas with dirt and greenery were taken by the military as areas of military practices and drills. Coming down slightly out of breath since the next closest thing in the terms of nature was on the horizon in the form of hills he asked Goran of the Brotherhood of the Great Gold Wyrm in the Capital and he was told of a place called the Golden Brew and to find a waitress called Ittalia. Doing so he found a man by the name of Olbert. He quickly picked up on Eroh’s odd nature for one associated with the Gold Wyrm. What could probably have been a fight had Eroh mentioning acts he had done that would make Olbert not try and cut him down where he stood. Eroh mentioned the task of New Port where a father of an orphanage had been summoning a demon to possess himself. How when they had used Eroh to track him to the orphanage they found he used the children in a trance as human shields. The Brotherhood had cut them down to get to their target. Olbert actually recalled the event a bit surprised and Eroh asked if he remembered the tracker dressed in rags that burried the children afterwards only to watch the brotherhood dig them up and set them on fire before cleaving the heads from their bodies just to make sure they were truly gone. Olbert commented on remembering that somewhat to Eroh’s discuss since there didn’t seem to be any remorse in what the Brotherhood did to get results.

There was no work currently in the area that needed to be done but he did offer up advise about finding out more about the Devourer, it was old so maybe going to Horizon and asking the scholars of the High Archmage for help would be the best place to do research, there was the options of going to the Legion’s Mage’s stationed at the Capital as well or the Mage Guild.

In his downtime Fieden learned the only one to successfully escape the Living Dungeon was the Price of Shadows having summoned it and talked to it before stealing the eyes of the Devourer, also talked about as the Stone Thief.

*tbc Senate talk with Count Amoss dubbed as [Elvenword for Ablebelly] by Drusilla

Eroh’s pays the fees for Fieden to use the facilities at the Mage Guild, Fieden sends words to the Elf Queen and the Lich King on the return of the Stone Theif and ask for advice and orders on what to do.

Incremental Advancement given


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